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Bodybuilding Competition Tanning,Skinz Stage Team, Bodybuilding, Competition Tanning, Hair, Makeup, Make-up for ANB, INBA, IFBB, NABBA, WFF
Bodybuilding Competition Tanning, Skinz Stage Team, Bodybuilding, Competition Tanning, Hair, Makeup, Make-up for ANB, INBA, IFBB, NABBA, WFF

Bodybuilding Competition Tanning, 
Hair & Makeup & Backstage Prep


Tips & Help


For the week leading up to your first tan you will need to start exfoliating your skin.  Skinz have specifically designed mitts that will remove dead and built up skin cells without scratching the surface of your skin.  The day prior to your first tan soak in a bath for 20 minutes then give your skin one last go over with the mitt.  Exfoliating is the key to having a smooth work surface for your tan.  Without this your tan can become uneven and patchy.


If you get sunburnt in the weeks leading up to the competition your risk not only peeling but accentuating any tan lines you may already have.   Although we can make you as even as possible, intense tan lines may show up under those unforgiving stage lights.


Do not wax the day before tanning as you may end up with a rash or raised lumps.  It is best to do your first big wax a month out from the competition then to do it again the week prior.   This will ensure that you do not go up on stage looking like you have some skin disease or having dark rectangular patches around your bikini area.  This extra time allows the skin to settle and time for all the wax residue to leave your skin.


About eight weeks out shave off all that body hair.  If your hair is long it is best to use hair cutting clippers to get rid of the majority of body hair first.  Then use a razor to get rid of the remaining stubble.  Keep it maintained by shaving it weekly and get some help for the harder areas.  By starting early you will avoid the usual shaving rashes that come with the first few lots of shaving and allows the skin to become used to the process.  Don't forget to repeat this process in the bikini/trunk area as well.

Shaving under your arms can be done up to two hours before your first tan.  Shaving of legs needs to be done the night prior to allow skin pores to close up (this avoids spotting)


Creams can be tricky as many people have allergic reactions to them.  Chose your products carefully and be sure to use the sensitive products for the appropriate sensitive areas.  Once again it is recommended that this hair removal process is done at least a month before your competition date to gage your skins reaction.  Hair removal cream can be used the day prior to tanning as well.