Bodybuilding Competition Tanning, 
Hair & Makeup & Backstage Prep


Tanning Repair & Backstage Assistance Team

Backstage preparation is vital and Skinz excels at providing athletes with this much needed assistance.

On the day of your event Skinz Stage Team will be there to offer you the benefit of our years of experience to prepare you for your performance.

Our Backstage Assistance Package is only $50, and includes the supply and application of the following:

- Tanning Repairs

- Bronzing Cream (Dream Tan / sunTANon or ProTan)

- Bikini Bite - Posing Suit / Trunk Adhesive

- Posing Oil

- Hot Stuff

Plus with ALL DAY TOUCH UPS you can't go wrong

The picture below shows Ray who showed up to his competition bronzed like a greek god, however, when he stepped on stage the first time he looked flat and most of the colour he had so carefully applied himself faded under the stage lighting.  We were working backstage on the day and with a bit of sculpting work using a mix of Dream Tan & sunTANon he was able to go back on stage looking amazing and ended up taking out the overall trophy for his category.   As you can see the difference is quite pronounced.

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Below is Rebecca.  Rebecca woke up the morning of her long awaited Australia Title event only to find that her tanner had used inferior product which had reacted badly to her skin.  It had left her looking washed out and yellow along with unsightly irregular dark patches. Devastated she and her coach approached Skinz Stage Team to see if there was anything at all we could do.  An hour later Rebecca was able to compete after all and stepped up on stage with evenly bronzed velvety smooth looking finish.